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Alinea Chiropractic Clinic: your team of chiropractors in Gatineau Hull Aylmer

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Gatineau Hull Aylmer? Alinea Chiropractic: your chiropractic clinic in the Ottawa region. Our team of dedicated chiropractors offers high quality chiropractic care in a warm and professional atmosphere. Our 2 chiropractic clinics located in the heart of Hull and Aylmer will allow you to get an appointment quickly and near you.

Meet your chiropractors in Gatineau

Dr. Nicholas Poelman


Dr Nicholas Poelman has been a chiropractor in Hull for almost 10 years. He has a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries, jaw problems and the resolution of complex cases. He is a chiropractor for Volleyball Canada and a radio columnist for 104.7 FM (Outaouais).

Dr. Mercedes Lopez


Originally from the Dominican Republic, Dr. Mercedes holds a doctorate in chiropractic from UQTR. She has a keen interest in disorders associated with static postures and repetitive movements related to the work environment.

Dr. Charlotte Bernier


Dr. Charlotte Bernier completed her doctorate in chiropractic at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières in 2020. Passionate about sports and the outdoors, she is greatly interested in the principles of rehabilitation while having an attraction for chiropractic follow-up of pregnant women.

Dr. Eric Bellerose


Former elite hockey player, Dr Éric Bellerose, chiropractor, has injury prevention, rehabilitation and exercise at the heart of his therapeutic approach. Dr Éric also offers adapted and personalized care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Olivier Imanikuzwe


A graduate of UQTR in 2016, Dr Olivier has a global approach to health, combining neurology, the biomechanics of the spine and all the joints of the body, in order to offer you care adapted to your condition. Dr. Olivier is an avid sports fan, practicing basketball, bodybuilding and soccer.

Wellness Professionals in Gatineau Hull Aylmer

Camilla WuMassage Therapist


Professionally trained both in Quebec and Ontario, Camilla is a massage therapist since 2016. She is specialized in treating chronic pain due to inflammation, sportive muscle strains, connective tissue strains, injuries prevention, and lymphedema.

Rachel ArieyMassage Therapist


Rachel a human approach rooted in listening to customer needs. His treatments aim to bring relaxation with a holistic vision of health by considering the different systems of the body as a whole. It offers different massage techniques, ranging from therapeutic muscle care , relaxation care (Swedish massage), massage for pregnant women and Chinese Tui Na massage.

Sarah WuMassage Therapist

Sarah Wu Massage Therapist

With more than ten years of experience in massage therapy, Iryna uses different massage techniques, such as Chinese massage, lymphatic drainage, sports and therapeutic massage. She also has a passion for traditional chinese medecine.

Jennifer GreenMassage Therapist


Jennifer is a registered massage therapist and has lived in Aylmer since 2001 with her family. She is a member of L’Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec and can issue insurance receipts for massage treatments.

Mike Ellis, Acupunctrist


Mike Ellis is an acupuncturist trained at Collège Rosemont in Montreal. Driven by a strong interest in martial arts, he lived in Japan for 8 years. During these years, he developed a passion for manual therapies, medicinal plants and traditional Chinese medicine.



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Why choose Alinea Chiropractic Clinic in Gatineau?

Alinea Chiropractic Clinic’s name comes from the Spanish verb alinear, which means « to align » in English. Alinea therefore refers to the alignment of the vertebrae of the spine as well as the harmonization of the physical, biochemical and emotional aspects of health.

Listening to your expectations and your goals, our chiropractors have a global approach to each of their treatment. We firmly believe that all therapists should work together for the benefit of the people. Thus, we have a vast network of health professionals in Gatineau with whom we work closely. In fact, patients admitted to our chiropractic clinics in Gatineau (Hull Aylmer) are mainly referred by their doctors, podiatrists, physiotherapists or dentists.

We want to improve the offer of chiropractic care in the Outaouais by offering each of our patients a collaborative, innovative and contract-free approach. Trust Alinea Chiropractic to offer you a full range of services that will help you get your life back in hand. Stop living in pain and contact our team of chiropractors in Gatineau (Hull Aylmer) today.

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Need a chiropractor in Gatineau (Hull Plateau Aylmer)?

The chiropractors at our chiropractic clinics in Gatineau can help you. Same-day appointment. Parking on site. Open every evening. Digital radiology.

Health conditions treated by your chiropractors in Gatineau

Back pain and lumbar sprain


Do you have your back blocked? Relieve low back pain naturally in an effective and safe way.

Headaches & migraines


Your headaches affect your quality of life. Your chiropractors in Gatineau can help you.

Sciatica and herniated disc


The sciatic nerve can be compressed by a herniated disc, muscle, or osteoarthritis. Natural solutions exist to relieve you.

Neck pain and stiff neck


Do you have a pinched nerve in your neck? Our team of chiropractors in Gatineau can get you out of this state.

Jaw problem


Do you clench your teeth at night? Your jaw is blocking. Chiropractic care can provide relief.

Sports injuries and rehabilitation


Your chiropractors in Gatineau have a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries. Optimize your performance with chiropractic.

Relieve symptoms related to osteoarthritis


Relieve your symptoms related to osteoarthritis in a natural way with your chiropractors in Hull Plateau Aylmer.

Carpal tunnel and nerve compressions


Carpal tunnel syndrome results from the compression of a nerve that can be relieved naturally.