Our mission

The Alinea Chiropractic team’s mission is to help families and athletes in the Ottawa region to regain and optimize their health in a natural way in order to improve their quality of life.

The chiropractors at our clinics in the Hull and Aylmer sectors have a gentle approach, focused on well-being and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Our wide range of chiropractic care aims to relieve, correct and prevent neuromusculoskeletal disorders that affect many public service workers in Gatineau Ottawa.

In addition to being the leaders in spinal and joint manipulation (chiropractic adjustment), chiropractors have a functional approach that includes various myofascial therapies and therapeutic exercises.

Who refers to Alinea Chiropractic

Word of mouth

The trust our patients have in our care is the most valuable thing we have as healthcare professionals. It always gives us great pleasure to know that they refer us relatives and friends!

Dental clinics

We provide natural care for patients with musculoskeletal jaw problems. Alinea Chiropratique is very proud to collaborate with several dental clinics for the benefit of patients.

Medical clinics

Our chiropractors benefit from several referrals from medical clinics in the Ottawa region. Our patient-centered and evidence-based approach make our clinics a place of choice for Gatineau physicians.

Physiotherapy clinics

We firmly believe that chiro and physio must work together to optimize the offer of musculoskeletal care in the Hull and Aylmer sectors. We are very happy to share this vision with several physiotherapy clinics in Gatineau.

Podiatric clinics

Podiatrists are the best trained professionals in the diagnosis and management of foot conditions. Several podiatrists refer to our clinics in order to have global approach for their patients.

No long-term care contract.

Your values ​​are important to us. Alinea Chiropractic, a chiropractic clinic in Gatineau (Aylmer Hull), offers chiropractic treatments based on your health goals, on the best available data and on our clinical experience. You can stop your care when you want to.

Need a chiropractor in Gatineau (Hull Plateau Aylmer)?

The chiropractors at our chiropractic clinics in Gatineau can help you. Same-day appointment. Parking on site. Open every evening.